Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Fall But We Rise Again

During the last decade, we’ve had our share of natural disasters and an economy that spiraled downward so quickly that its effect was felt around the world.  On November 6, Americans will vote on who will lead this country in the next four years.  A record number of campaign contributions for both candidates have been collected.  I’m talking, over one billion dollars total.  This includes the unleashing of super PACs, in which there are no limits to contributions.  Imagine what one billion dollars spent on campaigns could have done for so many people. Not only in the United States but in remote parts of the world were basic necessities like food and water are scarce.     

As we try to sort through all the rhetoric that we hear about each candidate, we seem to forget the uncertainty of tomorrow no matter which candidate we may choose. Some people believe that the country is going in the wrong direction; others believe that the country is recovering and moving in the right direction.  The answer of right or wrong would depend on whom you ask. 

What I’ve learned over the years is the ability to view things from others perspective, even if I disagree.  Understanding why people feel about certain subjects creates a sense of rationale that enables you to understand and, accept opinions other than your own.  I can understand all the different views on controversial subjects like socialism, repealing health care reform, abortion and gay marriages.  Our opinions and how we feel about life in general and all the nuisances that come with it are somewhat influenced by our personal experiences and interactions, our inner circle, customs, norms and traditions. It plays a part in how we view the world and can influence our decisions. 

Some people can feel so strongly about their beliefs that it creates tension with those that opinions differ.  The question is, when does sharing one’s belief crosses the line to becoming offensive to others?  Is it appropriate to share controversial opinions in a work place setting? Could it create divisiveness and unrest within the workplace if people openly shared their personal opinions on controversial subjects? The country is somewhat divided on many of these issues.  I’ve learned to never force my opinions on others, and don’t expect others to share my opinions as well. 

I can honestly say that America is resilient.  We have been down before.  Each time we have fallen, this nation has risen and become better and stronger.  Our nation is strong and our strength comes from our ability to weather the storms.  This nation was not built from bricks and mortar, but it was built on ideas and ideology. It was built on the premise that people can achieve great things when they are given the opportunity to achieve them.  It is the people that make up this great nation and our resilience comes from within ourselves and our faith that this nation will triumph over all that we have faced in the past and what we may face in the future.  It is this notion that keeps us strong.  I have no doubt that the greatest country in the free world will thrive as before and continue to show our strength as a beacon to the world. We have fallen, but we are not down. We will rise again, as we have before. No matter how divided we become on issues, we become united when we are faced with an attack on our basic principles.

~ Joseph Conrod Sr. SPHR

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