Friday, January 13, 2012

A Career of Passion

I recently attended an employee recognition event at my employer.  The Chief Nursing Officer spoke at this event and I could feel the passion in her voice as she thanked employees for their contribution in caring for our young patients.  The passion she revealed and the passion of all the caregivers that I have came to know over the years have resonated with me. 

I am not a nurse or clinician and not involved in direct patient care.  When I began my career in human resources, there were many career fields available.  Human resource professionals are needed in every industry, so the options were abundant.  I can say that I am truly fortunate to have worked in health care and believe that it has given me a tremendous advantage.  I have been involved in some of the most complicated employee relation cases that most industries never encounter.  This includes the high complexity involved in sentinel events.  I have also experienced passion in a way that’s very difficult to describe.  There is no other field that I am aware of, that impacts people in such a significant way.  Miracles happen everyday in our facility and other health care facilities across the nation.   Working with children brings even more synergy and a greater degree of passion. 

The passion that nurses, aides, physicians and other clinicians exhibit transcends within the entire organization.  It’s so strong, that you can feel the emotion.  They connect with every patient, every time, and the tears they shed for joy and sometimes sadness are powerful.  It reveals their true passion and commitment.  Their primary role is healing, enhancing and saving lives.  The role goes far beyond the physical aspects of healing.  It includes the social, emotional and psychological aspects as well.  It’s a responsibility that they do not take likely and often take home with them every night.  It’s not just a job for them, but a commitment. 

Working in this capacity is indeed hard work, the hours are long, and it requires great skills and coordination.  All of this is achieved through extensive training.  It is also one of the most rewarding careers I’ve ever known.  Even though I chose a different path, I tip my hat to all who are directly involved in saving lives.  I give my Kudos to our employees and all of the direct caregivers across the nation.   You rock! 
~ Joseph Conrod Sr. SPHR 

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