Monday, July 2, 2012

Your "A" Game

I recently watched the NBA basketball finals.  Even though only one team will triumph as the winner, the fans expect nothing less than each member of the team to bring their "A" Game to each and every game.  Although, I love all sports in general, high-energy sports seem to ignite my interest.  It requires a high level of physical and mental ability.  In order to compete in high-energy sports, one would need an extreme level of energy, passion and a level of commitment beyond words.  It requires practice and a training regiment far beyond what normal spectators can visually comprehend.  Most sports are about teamwork and not only to coexist but also to sync together to achieve one common purpose.  

While watching the playoffs, I had an epiphany.  What if every employee in your organization brought his or her "A" Game to work every day?  Can you imagine the high level of productivity and extreme outcomes that could be achieved?  Outcomes could be measured at multiple standard deviations beyond the norm, or the average day on steroids!  What if “exceptional” becomes the new norm and each of us is expected to perform at that level.  If your job is performing life saving procedures, sterilizing equipment, mixing medicine, performing laboratory tests, caring for patients, providing information technology, providing nutrition to patients, or making sure that the facility is clean and orderly; every job is important and contributes to the mission of the organization.  Each of our roles sync and contributes to a team environment with one common purpose.  

This reminds me of just a few exceptional people who bring their "A" Game to work each and every day and go well beyond what is expected.  It reminds me of the physical therapist that postponed her honeymoon to serve a patient, the registered nurse that came in on her day off to see her patient leave the hospital after a lengthy stay, the registrar that gave encouraging words to a customer throughout her child's visit, the environmental service worker that went through the trash dumpster to help find a customer's lost wallet, and the information technology (IT) worker that performed a life saving medical procedure in a parking lot at an out patient care center.  All are above and beyond expectations.  Their acts are truly exceptional!

In health care miracles continue to happen, lives are enriched, dire odds are turned upside down, negatives are changed to positives, wounds are healed, emotions overflow, tears of pain, sadness and joy are shed, love is expressed, prayers are answered, and lives are spared.  Each new day bring challenges and opportunities.  Each day affords us another opportunity to excel to greater heights…

~ Joseph Conrod Sr. SPHR   

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