Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In the "mean time"

Last year came and went extremely fast.  It seems like it was only a few years ago when the huge media hype exploded worldwide regarding year 2000 and the possible effect on computerized equipment.  There was so much preparation and build-up for year 2000, that it totally consumed us.  Needless to say, the New Year came without any glitches and life went on as usual.  It’s very difficult to believe that this was eleven years ago.  Where did the time go? 

This leads us to the next predicted phenomenon of December 21, 2012.  This date is the last date of the 5,125 year long cycle according to the Mayan Calendar.  It is predicted that cataclysmic or transformative events will take place on this date.  Others suggest that the 2012 date marks the end of the world.  As we move closer to this date, more media hype is expected.  Once the date comes and passes, I’m sure another predicted phenomenon will begin to surface.

Each year, we make new resolutions and set new personal and professional goals in hopes that the New Year will be much better than the last.  Somehow by mid-year, we either forgot about the goals we set previously or they no longer seem as important.  At the end of the year, we look forward to setting new goals for the next year and the vicious cycle repeats itself.
As usual, at year-end, the television media reflects back on all the famous people we lost over the entire year.  It entices us to reflect back on our own personal losses as well.  When we reflect back on our personal losses, it reminds us of our own mortality. 

Not to sound so gloomy, but by the end of this New Year, some of us will not be around to celebrate 2012.  We were born in this world on a temporary basis.  If we’re lucky, some of us will live through infancy, childhood, youth, adult, and maturity.  Some of us will not be so fortunate and will fall victim to illness, accident or some other form of early death.

               Birth                         "Mean Time"                    Death
I like to look at life as a time line.  It is a time line between our birth and our death.  Life can be referred to as our mean time, in between time (birth and death).  Our mean time is the only time that we really control.  We can't choose our parents or families.  We can't choose our death, unless it is intentional.  As a matter of fact, if we had a choice, most would choose to be young and live forever.  Reality tells us that the legacy we leave is based on how we spend our mean time

Most of us strive to be great family oriented individuals and hope that we have a positive impact on individuals in our inner circles.  The question is, how do we reach further and go beyond our inner circles?  How can we transform something much larger and have a greater impact? 

We spend a considerable amount of time working for or behave of our employers.  In addition, some of us simultaneously are a part of other organizations in which we commit time, as well.  The fact of the matter is that we spend a majority of our mean time working.  As HR professionals, it is imperative that we understand the human element of HR and how we can be the catalyst for change in our organizations.  We have the ability to impact our organizations tremendously through our emphasis of the human side of the equation and how it effects the bottom line.  It is an undertaking in which I believe we are required to take. 

Work is done through people.  It is purely the human element and our ability to effectively manage it that makes all the difference.  It is through our work or lack there of, in which we can either extend our reach to have the greatest impact to our organizations or we can remain stagnant.  We have the ability to make larger transformations and leave legacies unimaginable.  We have the power.    

I personally challenge you to maximize your mean time and leave a legacy that extends far beyond your inner circle.  As HR professionals, I feel that it is our role to be the catalyst for change and one of the primary leaders in catapulting our organizations to excellence.  The power is within us.  We just need to first, recognize that we really have the power, and then learn how to leverage that power. 

The services under the HR umbrella have a significant connection to the bottom line.  We touch people from their candidacy for employment, until well after they leave the organization.  Every aspect of an organization has a human component.  From interacting with staff to developing our managers to be leaders, our role is critical to organizational success. 

Providing HR leadership is essential to every part of the organization before, during and after employment.  Our involvement in other operational areas such as strategy, planning, quality, process improvement and shared governance/accountability further highlights our relevance.

Employee Satisfaction
Employee Engagement          
Organizational Culture
Service Excellence            
Reward and Recognition       
Leadership Development       
Succession Planning
HR Metrics 
Employee/Labor Relations
Employee Councils     
Union Avoidance
Reduction in force
Employee Benefits

In the mean time, I challenge you to make the connection.
~ Joseph Conrod Sr. SPHR

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